Resumes (PDF):

Objectives: (1) To design and support smarter social- and environment-positive organizations founded in creativity, community, conscious capitalism, and sound social networking and business practices. (2) To leave partners and clients more responsive, efficient, and impactful than when first found.

Let’s discuss the strength of your stakeholder network and see where I can help to grow your organization by leveraging my outreach and engagement expertise.

Justin Fenwick has his MBA in Sustainable Business and has expertise and experience in the following areas:

  • Alternative Commuter Transit Programs, Promotion, and Product Development
  • Social Media Marketing, Branding & User/Employee Training
  • Employee and Student Community Service & Partnerships
  • Business/Grant/Copywriting
  • Social/Environmental/Arts Entrepreneurship & Education, including incorporation (L3Cs vs. B-Corp vs. Hybrid)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business to Business
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Professional Event/Conference Planning
  • Millennial Retention/Recruitment

He uses open problem-solving, systems thinking, new media, asset-based partnership development, and stakeholder input to arrive at the best-possible solution.

He has led 50+ trainings, served on local and state grant panels, is adept at event planning, and is a successful communicator with audiences on/offline sized from one-on-one to over 2,000.

Justin is an all-conference NCAA swimmer, mascot, poet, activist, and blogger. He isn’t the guy that always leads with the fact that he helped establish the first gender neutral bathrooms on Kalamazoo College’s campus, but he did that too. He has presented/trained at Eastern Michigan University, Michigan Campus Compact (MCC) Two-Fold Retreat, and MCC AmeriCorps*VISTA trainings. Past consulting clients include Nature’s Path Inc. (@BGI, MBA, Year-Long Project), Eastern Michigan University Student Affairs – Arts and Entertainment, The Business Side of Arts, The Arts Alliance, and Kalamazoo Education for the Arts.

He is start-up ready, having been an owner/founder of one of the first L3Cs in Michigan, Community Records, and is a trained professional volunteer, having served for two years as an AmeriCorps*VISTA, among other projects.

Both these roles battle-hardened Justin, both in the leadership and social justice trenches. In his tenure at Community Records, he led the development of a groundbreaking community-inclusive operating agreement; served to lead the board and eventually as the Business Strategy & HR Officer, providing paid gigs for local musicians as instructors; and reached over 2100 youth, engaging them in basic music education where there formerly was none. AmeriCorps served to build an all around professional foundation. In addition, while there Justin successfully improved student volunteer recruitment/training, service scholarship enrollment, and the management of over 15 student leaders.

Justin has hands-on experience with funding, loans, pitching for investment, and managing cash flow and capital. He has done writing, research, and case studies in academic, for-profit, and nonprofit settings.

Justin’s work is well received. At Nature’s Path, the report on stakeholder engagement was distributed amongst managers. In addition, while at the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority, he implemented an innovative business engagement program, a model that continues to be used today. From conferences to checkbooks, Justin continues to deliver exceptional results.

Access to and success in working with top students and young professionals has been a constant throughout his career: He has developed meaningful management strategies and  ways to attract millennial interest and talent.

All of this rests on a good educational foundation. Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI) has been named a Top Design School by Business Week, a Top 5 Green M.B.A. program by the Huffington Post & Fast Company, and ranked #1 by Net Impact for ethical and socially responsible leadership. It was the first business school to offer a MBA in Sustainable Business. Justin hopes to use this and these experiences to develop solutions that improve our environmental and social condition, while supporting his own generation in productive ways that preserve the future. Connectivity, communities, and creativity all flavor his efforts, benefiting all.

He has the ability to see long-term solutions to large problems and gets to those solutions by thinking creatively. He is an outside-the-box thinker and we appreciated that about him…being flexible and asking tough questions.
~Mandy Paust, AmeriCorps*VISTA Leader